What to do on a vacation in Pompano Beach

When winter is at its worst, people throughout America and around the world make tracks for South Florida, as it is there where they’ll find warm waters, fine white sand beaches, and locals and fellow tourists who are filled with life.

Many end up in hotels along the Miami Beach strip, but you don’t have to stay in the city if its constant din and hectic pace of life isn’t something that energizes you.

Pompano Beach allows you to enjoy the warmth, palm trees, and world-class beaches of South Florida without having to put up with the trappings of an urban area.

Located a considerable distance from Miami, you’ll be able to relax in style, while still being close enough to venture into the city if you wish.

These advantages played a big role in helping Charles Bishop Pompano Beach Florida settle down here more than a decade ago. He fell in love at first sight, and his passion for the area has only grown over time.

If you too want to live the South Florida life but you aren’t sure what there is to do, read on below, and you’ll soon be packing your bags for Pompano Beach.

1) Spend a day at the beach

Pompano Beach is famous for its strip of white sand, so much so that building a vacation around this attraction alone is a realistic prospect.

Lined with resorts and holiday accommodations, you will be steps away from this city’s most beautiful centerpiece, so you owe it to yourself to spend at least a couple full days unwinding there.

Active travelers will also love the fact that Pompano Beach is a great place to take up surfing. Blessed with a consistent swell throughout the year and with a bottom that lacks any sharp corals or rocks, it is a place that forgives mistakes easily, so don’t be afraid to take some risks here.

2) Work on your golf game

Pompano Beach is the ideal place to re-tool your drive and short game, as there are plenty of amazing courses in the area and within a short drive.

Six courses sit within minutes of the core, allowing you to book a tee time and get there within the hour.

Palm Aire Country Club is particularly worthy of mention, as its layout will put even the seasoned golfer off-balance in spots.

3) Try out their microbreweries

America is officially in love with craft brewers. The act of creating local beer has become a revolution that has swept to every corner of the USA, Pompano Beach included.

With four microbreweries and a cidery within its borders, alcohol enthusiasts will have plenty of establishments to explore during a holiday here.

If you don’t know where to start, we recommend 26 Degrees Brewing Company, as their IPAs have raving adherents across South Florida, and the Swinging Banjo Brewing Company’s inventive drinks are also worthy of note, with beers that taste like coffee and chai respectively.

Have fun, but have a plan – call a taxi, summon an UBER/Lyft, or have a DD chauffeur you around.